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Sea Party Ocean Underwater World First Birthday Balloons Decor

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Ocean Theme Party Decorations Under the Sea Party Decorations Baby Shark Birthday Party Decorations First Birthday Party Decorations for Kids Boy Girl Birthday Balloon Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Party Supplies Underwater World Party Decorations
Guide to installing balloon Octopus

Step 1 : Twist the middle of 3 or 4 long balloons together as the octopus's tentacles
Step 2 : choose one balloon as the head of octopus , twist long balloons all together at the bottom of head balloon
Step3 : Paste the eye balloons right under the large head balloon
Step 4 : Roll the long balloons into the shape you want

Kind notes:

1. The picture is used as a reference for the effect, and the actual product that has been received shall prevail.
If you want to know which balloons are included in the package, please contact us to confirm.

2. Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures. There is also a certain color difference before and after the balloon is inflated, this is normal, you can check the true color after inflating the balloons.

3. Please allow some differences due to manual measurement.

4. Please do not fill the balloons too large, otherwise they will break if too much air. The aluminum foil balloon is not elastic, please inflate slowly. Aluminium foil balloons cannot float in the air.

5. The balloon is a kind of special product with a breaking rate of approximately 5%. So if you find it has a hole or cannot be inflated, please contact us. We are happy to help you with the solution.

6. One balloon filled with air can last up to 72 hours, while due to helium limitation, all helium gases on the market can only support 2 hours (for best results, please inflate them 1-2 hours before your event).



1. High quality materials
All balloons in the ocean under the sea theme birthday party decorations balloon arch kit are made of high quality materials, safe and non-toxic. The balloon can be filled with air and helium.

2. Easy to assemble
This birthday party decorations balloon arch kit contains all the parts you need for your celebration decorations. It didn't take too long and everything was easy to put together.

3. Wide Application
These party decorations balloon are great for graduation party, birthday party, ocean theme party, under the sea party decorations, baby shark birthday party decorations, 1st birthday party, 2nd birthday party, 3rd birthday party, 1-9 year old birthday party, baby shower party, gender reveal party, Christmas, anniversary and any special celebration activity.

4. Perfect Kid's Party Decorations
The sea animals themed party decorations is really popular for kids, under the sea birthday party decorations with clownfish, blowfish, hippocampus, crab foil balloons must be a highlight for your kids birthday party,and this will give your boys or girls a unforgettable birthday memories!
5. Brand: MMTX

32in digit balloon kit includes:

1x32inch digit balloon
7xsea animal balloons
20xlatex balloons
1xballoon glue dot
1xballoon ribbon

Ocean Balloon Arch includes:

1xbig clownfish aluminum foil balloon
1xCrab yellow aluminum foil balloon
1xPuffer fish balloon
1xSeahorse aluminum foil balloon
15xBlue balloon dark
15xBlue balloons
10xBlue-green balloons
6x White dot balloons
10xWhite balloon with eye pattern
30xLong balloon (pink/green/purple) (can be made into long balloon seaweed)
1xHappy birthday banner
6xcake topper
2xMarine life stickers

Girl Birthday Balloon Ocean Under the Sea Theme Birthday Party Decorations for Kids Boy Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Party Supplies Under the Sea Party Decorations Uderwater World Party Decorations Baby Shark Birthday Party Decorations First Birthday Party Decorations
Brand: MMTX

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